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Probabilistic Estimates of Offshore Platform Decommissioning Cost

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In support of Aquaculture in the GOM and Worldwide

Aberdeen Decommissioning Conference Presentation

Singapore Decommissioning Conference Presentation

Cost Estimating for Offshore Oil & Gas Facility decommissioning

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Lessons Learned in Gulf of Mexico Well Plugging & Abandonment

Taking on Decommissioning Liability: A Different Approach to Project Contracting

Industry Methods for Decommissioning Offshore Structures

Artificial Reefs: The History and Development of the “Rigs to Reef” Program

A Case Study in Onshore Disposal

Decommissioning of Deepwater Facilities

The Well Plugging Process: Securing Wells to Protect the Environment

Offshore Platform Decommissioning in GOM Post Hurricane Era

A Gulf of Mexico Offshore Platform Decommissioning Case Study

Oil & Gas Offshore Facility Decommissioning Risk

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