How Can Platform Abandonment Estimating System Help You?

PAES® is a proprietary software used to develop “ASSET RETIREMENT OBLIGATION” (ARO) estimates for worldwide offshore and onshore facilities. The report is a comprehensive documentation of assumptions related to detailed decommissioning values.

  • Developed in 1991 for Tax Litigation to provide detailed estimate documentation.
  • Upgraded regularly to reflect market rates and costs updated quarterly.
  • Provides Deterministic Cost Estimates with capacity to provide Probabilistic Estimates.
A typical PAES study includes:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Update / Change Methodologies
  • Reefing Donation Support
  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Bonding Assistance
  • Expert Witness Support
  • Third Party Support to Insurance Adjustors, Attorneys and Investment Companies

The PAES software is world-renowned for providing a detailed cost estimate which can be used for THIRD-PARTY VERIFICATION.

How are TSB’s Consulting Decommissioning services used by the Financial, Legal and Insurance industries?
In the last year alone, TSB has completed decommissioning-related projects for clients in the United States, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Trinidad, West Africa, Middle East and India.
  • We have provided estimates guided by the reporting and audit requirements of Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Accounting Standards Codification 410-20 Asset Retirement Obligations (“ASC410-20”).
  • Our decommissioning methodologies are based on recent abandonments in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and can be modified to the required regulations worldwide.
  • We have developed requirements and processes for regulatory agencies, worldwide.
  • Agencies and their clients use our services for help with planning and permitting.
  • TSB has provided acquisition and divestiture support for changing businesses.

I appreciate you taking the time to read our project management introduction and hope you have found this email informative and helpful.

TSB Jay Boudoin 2020Sincerely,
Jay Boudoin
Director of Client Relations
TSB Offshore, Inc.

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