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Divestitures and Acquisitions

Our experts have supported clients in domestic and international oil and gas asset acquisitions and divestitures. Whether involving a single lease or multiple fields, our team can perform the proper due diligence to ensure that liabilities and technical and financial risks are fully understood.

TSB has represented potential buyers, sellers, investors, and financial advisors and is ready to support you.

Bonding Support

TSB has supported oil and gas well operators and a sureties alike to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations on operating and decommissioning oil and gas assets. By leveraging our experience and market data, we provide invaluable support to your cause.

Expert Witnesses

The TSB team can provide expert witness testimony and technical research and analysis to assist in the preparation of cases in court proceedings, arbitration hearings and meetings with state and federal regulatory agencies. Especially in the areas of decommissioning and offshore operations, many have relied on TSB’s expertise and insight.

Legal Support

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