Evolving Industries

Beyond Oil and Gas

At TSB we constantly strive to evolve our expertise beyond the world of offshore oil and gas. Using our extensive knowledge of offshore installation and decommissioning, we have quickly become experts in alternative and renewable energies as well.

We have utilized our proprietary PAES system to calculate the installation and decommissioning costs for a number of offshore Wind Turbine Generators in the US East Coast.

New Challenges

Although the offshore wind industry uses much of the same technology and resources as conventional oil and gas, our experts have also identified a number of new challenges and obstacles as the world looks to bolster the renewable energy industry, including the disposal of turbine components.

Our wind energy studies cover every facet of installation and decommissioning, including:

  • Surveys and Planning
  • Facility Preparation
  • Wind Turbine Generator Decommissioning
  • Power Cable Removal
  • Transport of Debris and Scrap
  • Disposal of Material
  • Site Clearance
  • Site Surface Remediation

Case Study #1

TSB was tasked with estimating the material disposal costs for (101) Wind Turbine Generators and (1) Electric Service Platform located off the coast of Massachusetts.

TSB considered three primary methods of disposal for steel and other materials associated with dismantling and disposal of the assets: refurbishment and reuse, scrap and recycle, and disposal in designated landfills.

TSB also selected potential scrap facilities and landfills for these assets.

Case Study #2

TSB was tasked with estimating the decommissioning costs for two, 6-megawatt  wind turbine generators and associated inter-array cables, and export cables for the Virginia coast.

TSB had to consider the regulatory implications of the 28.37 mi of total export cable, which crossed both Federal and State waters.

In addition, TSB also put forth a method for removal the scour protection, comprised of a filter layer of crushed rock material deployed at each wind turbine foundation location.

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