Integral Part Of Your Project Management Team

TSB provides comprehensive project management for single projects or multiple well/platform campaigns.

TSB project managers are engineers or field supervisors who understand the process and technical details of decommissioning, refurbishment and reuse, including the client company’s internal requirements. We represent the oil & gas operator and integrate our services into the operator’s project management team.  We know how to minimize environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and cost-savings.

  • Project Management / Project Controls
  • Decommissioning Planning and Permitting
  • Project Scheduling and other support services
  • Advanced Planning
  • Permitting
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Estimating and Providing AFEs for Management
  • Scope of Work and Scheduling Definition
  • Project Execution
  • Well P&A
  • Pipeline Abandonment
  • Platform Removal
  • Refurbishment and Reuse

Project Management Overview

Project Planning

TSB provides full planning services, working closely with customers to ensure compliance with regulations.

Wellbore P&A

TSB provides services necessary to manage temporary or permanent P&A of wells.

Pipeline Abandonment

TSB also manages decom and removal/
abandonment of associated pipelines, utilizing cutting, heavy lift and diving services.

Platform Prep And Removal

TSB provides management of cutting and heavy lift services to remove topsides and equipment.

Jacket Removal

TSB provides management of cutting, heavy lift and diving services to remove and scrap or reef decommissioned jackets.

Site Clearance

TSB provides management of diving and lifting services to ensure the seafloor is clear of all debris.

Project Management Activities

  • Project Kickoff & Initial HAZID Brainstorm
  • Data retrieval
  • Inspection of Platforms, Pipelines and Wells
  • Well Diagnostics if not Already Available
  • Initial Cost Estimate Preparation
  • Permit Preparation for All Phases
  • RFQ for All Services
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Job Plan Development
  • Coordination of Pre-Job Meetings with Contractors
  • Field Inspections / Final HAZID Meetings
  • Fieldwork Execution
  • Cost & Schedule Control
  • Preparation of Final Documentation and Reports to Regulators

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