Offshore Decommissioning Workshop

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Full Road Map To Decommission Any Offshore Asset

Earlier this month we discussed how to avoid later crises by laying the right groundwork for your decommissioning project now. These best practices include reviewing project documentation, making a site visit, preparing cost estimates and submitting your permits.
If you are responsible for managing or involved in the decision making possess for decommissioning offshore structures, pipelines, and wells, you do not want to miss this 5 day workshop!
Why This is a MUST ATTEND Event!
  • Applicable case studies benefiting from our years of experience decommissioning offshore facilities.
  • Get a granular explanation of the 6 step decommission process.
  • Learn from our knowledge as we discuss best practices for plugging & abandoning wells.
  • Advance your technical understanding and increase project success from our focus on platform and floating facilities, along with dry tree and subsea wells.
Structures Decommissioning: 15-17 July
Many existing platforms in our region have reached their designed lifespan, as there are more and more offshore platforms undergoing decommissioning process. This 3-day workshop will enable the you to have a better understanding about the work phases involved in a typical decommissioning project. You will also gain decommissioning methodologiesknowledge for subsea infrastructure and different types of facilities (Conventional, Mopu, Spar and Gravity Base). Apart from that, you will learn about the lifting platform components, site clearance, disposal and reefing management.
Wells Plug and Abandonment: 18-19 July
This course presents wellbore plug and abandonment (P&A), and well decommissioning concepts for both platform and subsea wells. This will include why and how wells are temporarily suspended and permanently removed from service. You will learn about basic principles of well completions, well barrier element (WBE) installation, and WBE verification and acceptance criteria. In addition to Oiland Gas industry guidelines and standards, legislation by various countries, including resulting laws and governmental regulations, are reviewed; the latest P&A technologies, tools, techniques, methods, procedures, challenges and solutions are discussed.


Registration and other key points on the workshop can be found at the following links:


We believe this will be a worthy investment of your time and hope you will be able to attend.

For questions, contact Jay Boudoin at: (504) 912-8655 or 

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