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Real Solutions for Complex Environments

TSB is known for our extensive decommissioning experience and expertise in providing asset retirement obligation (ARO)reports, but did you know that the TSB team of project managers and engineers have worldwide experience in both offshore and onshore project management?

The Trends

Outsourcing project management support for value, not just cost savings, is an increasing trend in the Energy sector.  Operators and Transmission companies look to companies like TSB to:
  • Provide specialized solutions to complex, non-standard issues
  • Identify and Manage risks and develop safe solutions with a full suite of contingencies
  • Manage projects from initiation to final closeout with regulators

Look Familiar?

Do these typical project management support services routinely provided by TSB look like activities you’re familiar with?
  • Permit preparation for all phases and assistance; including regulator interface
  • RFQ / tender support for all services and bid evaluation
  • Project kickoff and initial HAZID activities
  • Initial cost estimate preparation
  • Asset data research and retrieval
  • Inspection of platforms, pipelines and wells
  • Fieldwork supervision and execution
  • Cost and schedule control
  • Preparation of final documentation and reports to regulators
TSB offers a full range of project services, from contracting key people, to executing work with a completely integrated Project Management Team.  
Now that you know who TSB is, you can look forward to helpful information on the following topics:
  • Regulations, Interface Processes and Permitting
  • Project Planning / Controls and Scheduling
  • Project Execution to Closeout


I appreciate you taking the time to read our project management introduction and hope you have found this email informative and helpful.

TSB Jay Boudoin 2020Sincerely,
Jay Boudoin
Director of Client Relations
TSB Offshore, Inc.

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